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Whadda jerk! - management


If one does not appreciate a person, one tends to concern him as a fool.

Carl Jung

Sadly, civic address today seems to have degenerated into military parties spitting epithets at one another. With a small amount inclination to see the other's point of view, the parties are compact to name calling, class and the generalization of composite issues. The only commonality is the shared belief that the other guy is a jerk.

Thanks to Jung's original work on personality type, we know that there are at least sixteen discrete ways to view any data set. This means that given any situation, there are sixteen different, even if effortlessly normal, ways of evaluating it. Not surprisingly, sixteen assorted points of view might yield very atypical conclusions.

Too often we tend to dispense with or degrade points of view that don't match our own. Respecting that there are other, by the same token valid ways of approaching the same subject, can yield tremendous insight and build up the characteristic of our own decisions.

The next time you run into a point of view that doesn't match your own, pay attention. Don't dismiss it. By the same token, don't begin to have that assorted is better. But it just might be, that the altered drummer your examination isn't a further jerk; it could be Gene Krupa.

George Ebert is the Leader of Trinity River Seminars and Consulting, a firm specializing in the custom aim and approach of team building, individual cyst and ethical change programs. Mr. Ebert is a abundantly hunted after speaker, instructor and consultant with over thirty years come across in both the civic and clandestine sectors. He has accessible far and wide all the way through the Unites States. He is the creator of the management cult classic, Climbing From the Fifth Station: A guide to shop teams that work!


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