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Whilst tests measuring the creative or innovative personality exist, there are a digit of inherent flaws. Some are noted below:

a) Whether a creative or innovative type exists at all is amply contentious. Imagination can be distinct as challenge identification and idea cohort - entire abilities. Inspiration can be definite as producing a amount of ideas, a amount of diverse ideas and a digit of novel ideas - entire abilities. Individuality are not committed or convenient crossways situations. Motivation is a crucial factor.

b) Due to the frequent germane definitions of imagination and innovation, it is clear that a add up to of differing and apparent competencies are involved. It is doubtful (or rare) that all competencies are acquaint with in free individual.

c) Ingenuity is a cognitive deal with and case dependent. Not all ancestors bring into being equal quantities of ideas diagonally tasks and, importantly, the same associates do not churn out equal quantities of ideas athwart tasks.

d) Too many assumptions are made. Some have been indicated : the conjecture that imagination and innovation are committed and moveable diagonally situations ; motivation and competencies are not accounted for etc etc etc.

e) Collaboration, networking and such are ignored. Intellectual cross pollination consequences in a privileged amount of creative production than is formed by persons alone.

f) The generalisability, inconsistency and reliability of the test paramters can be disputed.

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Kal Bishop MBA, is a management consultant based in London, UK. He has consulted in the visual media and software industries and for clients such as Toshiba and Carry for London. He has led Improv, ingenuity and innovation workshops, exhibited artwork in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London and printed a add up to of screenplays. He is a passionate traveller. He can be reached on http://www. managing-creativity. com.


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