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Looking all the way through the glass ceiling - women in management - management


Women have made tremendous assistance to civilization at every level; be concerned about Joan of Arc, Golda Meier, Indira Gandi, Condalezza Rice.

In copy this clause my consideration is to open the eyes of small affair and no way patronise female mangement or give offence. In some domains this is still a easily hurt and every so often taboo topic!

As a vicar of 3 grown up young women I am proud to see them have the opportunities that were not free to them 25 years ago and be recognised for the talented those they are.

Traditionally male dominated bastions have resisted adjust to consist of women in male dominated domains. Thankfully there is a varying of the guard with citizens appreciation that in an free world there is no place for these behaviours and conduct!

It is still true that in receipt of all the way through the glass ceiling is awkward nevertheless the glass is much thinner or so I have been told. Ahead accepted wisdom corporates are viewing the big business world the way ahead.

In my time in corporate life I had the opprotunity to work with many talented female individuals.

I found them to be admirable managers and dissimilar their male collegues did not exhibit the protective behaviours so indicative of male management.

Small big business ignores to their disadvantage overlooking female management and this is blatant discrimination in its ugliest form.

Some reasons why are women overlooked. Women are often overlooked as of ignorance, intolerance, discrimination, fear, denial thinking, insecurity, the old drill tie syndrome, myths and tradition and on it goes.

What women can bring to your business. Women have the capacity to bring a great deal to your business; hard-work, talent, lack of territory insecurity, flexibility, and as a rule superior accepting and empathy.

Today's employees are looking for kindness in the workplace. It is true that many employees have as their only aid arrangement their work colleagues. How much more crucial then are these skills.

It is true that some female managers be converted into bossy but my come into contact with is that this less hang around than men.

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Breaking all through the glass is not difficult, it basically is a choice. You big business may be flouting the law and absent out on a large pool of talent. Put aside your old ways of assessment and get hiring!

Philip Lye is Chief of Biz Momentum Pty Ltd (http://www. biz-momentum. com)and provides certified management armed forces for

? Strategic Human Source Management ? Employee Relations Advice ? Workplace Shape & Security Falling in line Strategies ? Management Skills Training

Philip holds qualifications in Accounting, Leadership, Human Source Management, Built-up Relations and is a competent accountant.


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