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This week I was asked to speak at an in-house consultation for a bank. The area under discussion was how to build a great consumer experience. However, the realism was rather assorted to the title. I sat listening to amp after lecturer - all advent along with the same communication "how can we stuff more crop into our clients and complete our targets".

As I sat there I in progress to think, why do citizens say one thing and do another? Do they especially think citizens are that dim that they cannot see the conflict amid the words and the actions? So, as the speakers droned on and on about creation X and revenue Y, I attention "what are the tell tale signs that show if your business is exceedingly buyer focussed?". I took the occasion to make some notes??.

When I visit companies, they take great pains to tell me how consumer focussed they are. They show me mission statements, cute "charters" on their wall extolling the advantage of being consumer focussed and clarify how the circle is organised about their products! Yet the certainty is that their words and their procedures are different. Client focussed is the last thing they are. Let me be very clear right up front, our citizens are not stupid, and your customers are not stupid, they know you are not buyer focussed! One thing I have learnt over the years is? "Customers will judge you on your events not your intentions.

So what are some of the tell tale signs of colonize adage one thing and doing another?

What do you measure?

This is the easy one. I have met companies who tell me they are client focussed and yet they have no form of Patron satisfaction calculate at all! Do you assess Patron satisfaction? Ask physically now if you know what last month's domino effect were? Now ask by hand if you know the company's revenue carrying out last month? As a rule colonize can tell me the final but not the former. What does that tell me?

Half the Patron Be subjected to is about emotions. So, do you calculate the emotions you're evoking in your customers? When were your events last reviewed to check they are still the right ones and misrepresented if necessary?

What happens to the information?

Too many companies have a "tick the box" mentality. They appraise Client satisfaction as the management books say they should. But they never do no matter which with the results. So ask yourself, how often is your client satisfaction assess actively used to drive improvements?

How critical are Client procedures to your company?

Who gets paid on the consequences and how much? I consider when I was in corporate life; I had a stand up disagreement with one of my colleagues at a board assembly about this. I not compulsory that the bonus we paid bank account managers, which stood at 5% of their complete bonus, with the lasting 95% paid on revenue, ought to be better to 50% of their bonus. I argued if we especially said that focussing on the consumer was crucial then we ought to "put our money where our mouth is". Sadly I lost the argument. Revenue was the key amount all the way through the ballet company and would hang about so. Conversation about being patron focussed just made each one feel better. In fact with hindsight, in the whole lot they did the buyer came agree with or in some cases third!

Where is the client on the agenda?

Just look at your next team assembly agenda. Where is the client satisfaction review? Is there one? I know of monthly and academic journal meetings where the patron and the patron satisfaction calculate are not even oral about? How can management then say they are focussed on the customer?

You are your diary Look at your diary.

How much time do you spend with Customers or running on Client issues? Look at your bosses and chief teams - this will tell you the change amid the dealings and the intentions.

Customer complaints

Are they a good thing or a bad thing? Client complaints be supposed to be optimistic - they are free consultancy and criticism from your customers. Too many companies treat them as a little they shouldn't have?

"Inside out or External in"

A connect of weeks ago I was caught up in a conference where there was a heated consideration about what the buyer wanted. Retail put their view, Buyer advantage put their view, sales put their view and it all got a bit strained. I sat there and, at an apt moment, asked the down-to-earth question. "Can a celebrity tell me what the patron thinks??. . "Where is your patron data to back up what you are saying, since devoid of that these are just opinions". The most chief thing is what the consumer thinks.

So in abstract these are the main areas which show the alteration connecting words and actions. Look at your colleagues and bosses and then ask yourself, are you truly buyer focussed?

Finally, I would be fascinated to learn of any other "tell tale signs" you have observed; we are making an allowance for using them in our next book. Maybe email them to me at colin. shaw@beyondphilosophy. com. If they are new and we use them in the book then we will acknowledge your donation in print!

Colin Shaw Founding Partner, Ahead of Philosophy. colin. shaw@beyondphilosophy. com

www. beyondphilosophy. com

Colin Shaw is the Founding Partner of Clear of Attitude and guru of the Buyer Come across Management. He has also created two most booming books on patron encounter which are now free in market. His first book, Construction Great Buyer Experiences sold out inside just eight weeks, is on a third reprint and existing in paperback.

Colin's back book, Alter Your Buyer Come across on the loose in September 2004 and measured as Bible in Consumer management big business world.

Colin has enjoyed over 20 years of come across operational in blue chip companies, counting Mars Ltd. , Rank Xerox and BT. Colin's final arrange was Boss of Patron Come across for one of the world's leading comprehensive companies. In his career, he has held boss positions in a digit of altered functional areas plus Sales, Marketing, Patron Advantage and Training.

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