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The meaning of commerce goals - management


For you to get where you want to go, there are four key steps for you to take. They are not difficult, but they are vital.

Commonly known as the GROW model, the four stages are as follows:-

G stands for Goals

Being clear about where you want to get to is absolutely critical. You MUST know where you are intending to get to, by identifying your goals and being very accurate about them.

Use SMART goals - this is a constructive category which is great to remember.

S - is for Specific

Be especially clear about what it is you want

M - is for Measurable

There must be some sort of amount of other able to be gauged category of your goal

A - is for Actionable

You have to have some verb in the goal - you have to DO something!

R - is for Realistic

Make your goal achievable, but don't be frightened to make it BIG!! T - is for Timebound

All of your great goals will fall by the curb if you have no when about them - the 'maybe I'll start next week method'.

Poor Goal examples:-

To grow affair revenue

To have happy employees

Great Goal examples

To build floor line profit by 20% every year for the next three years

To have a 33% split among all revenue streams in 2 years

You might also want to bear in mind what 'Purpose' in your life there is for this goal, the more it fits what you truly want out of life, the more motivated you will be. Thus SMART(P)

R stands for Reality

Be roughly decent about where you are first from and what has held you back in the past.

Take a half hour to appreciate the assets and skills you bring to the business. Get actually clear on your qualities - and shortfalls!

Be realistic and decent - a good way is to just list all the activist attributes you have, such as patience, insistence and focus.

Dispel any 'I can'ts' right now. You can and will. Authenticity means just that and no untrue depressing beliefs you hold about yourself.

O stands for Options

Here is where the fun starts, if you let it. Actually let your mind's eye go - blank sheet of paper and 10 log of continuous time. For organisations, this may take longer - it may be relevant to as many of your colonize as achievable - that's OK! You write until you can't think of any more ideas about how to make your goal come true.

After 10 minutes, or when you dry up - take a 10 exact break - and then think of ten more - you can do it!! In this phase, you are not judging, it is very crucial that you don't think of any 'can'ts' or even idea of any 'how's' just let the ideas flow. There are loads more idea creating belongings you can choose.

W stands for 'What' and 'When'

Check out the ideas from above and decide five 'quick wins' and five longer term projects.

Make a certitude to do the five quick wins contained by one week, initial today (you might be bowled over to find you do them all today!). Then when complete do five more till all are concluded (mind you, once you get into the swing of it, you'll start finding a lot more!).

For the longer term ideas to complete your goals, a sense check is chief first. Will achievement (remember the 'A' in SMART) on this idea, consign the outcome you exceedingly want towards your goal - or is it a nice to do, or even off track. For each of these be cruel and ditch the ones that are off track. Get five paying attention ideas in place ready for Action.

Create a timeline from your goal and functioning back from there, absolute milestones on each of your five key ideas. Use say quarterly, monthly, or weekly reviews. Be certain and accommodating as the procedures will go at atypical speeds. In some sort of visual planner, background where you will be with each one of your measures towards your goal at the consistent reviews you have. Some associates favor to have weekly 'action steps' in each cast - even daily.

The key is to be able to say. , 'This week (Tuesday is my best day), I will visit three new capability customers, as a step towards visiting 50 this year'. Put it in your diary, Outlook or anything as if it is an appointment with yourself. Ring-fence that time as the most critical thing you are going to do and it cannot be shifted. You will need to be regimented - if you are, it will work.

The key here is to coin actionable steps in bite-sized chunks which you accept as true you can do.

As a big cheese once said (with apologies to elephant lovers), 'You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time!'

?and finally

Remember that in life and business, you in my opinion have the choices to make. No-one else. It is your accountability how you act and challenge yourself. Take the accountability and give it a go. Life is not a dress practice - Grasp the opportunities you have today and every day.

Further appraisal on the GROW model (should be existing from libraries)"Coaching for Performance: Increasing People, Accomplishment and Purpose", Sir John Witmore.

Copyright 2005 Martin Haworth is a Affair and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small big business owners, executives and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, http://www. coaching-businesses-to-success. com.

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