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There's a programme at this time in a row on BBC TV in the UK called - "Little Angels. " It's a cycle that offers help and guidance to parents who're experiencing behaviour difficulties with their children. I'm sure there are similar programmes in other parts of the world. The kids are often out of control, won't do what they're told and generally dominate the family.

Part of the programme shows the blood relation production with the child while getting directive from a clinical psychologist all the way through an earphone. The psychologist watches what's experience and constantly tells the mother to reward the child, with words of support, when they do something well. When the child misbehaves, the directions are to ignore and leave them alone.

There is a huge temptation for the mother to castigate the child but this is not acceptable by the psychologist.

There isn't a whole lot of change when production with adults who misbehave. If you're a boss of people, think for a flash about that "difficult" member of staff who never seems to do clothes quite right and takes up so much of your time and attention. Maybe that's just what he or she wants - your time and attention; and as long as they carry on to get what they want - they're going to go on being "difficult. "

If you have a "difficult" team affiliate or employee, try concentrating on what they do well and tell them about it. Spend less time with and even close the eyes to them when they misbehave. It's not uncommon for managers to invest 90 percent of their energy responding to damaging performance and only 10 percent growth affirmative performance. If you "reward" good behaviour - you'll get more of it. If you "reward" bad behaviour - you'll get more of it.

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