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Hire the person, not the resume - management


"? [get] the right citizens on the bus, the right citizens in the right seats (and the wrong colonize off the bus) and then [figure] out where to drive it. " - Jim Collins - Good To Great

"Hire the best staff you can find, build them as much as you can, and hand off the lot you perhaps can to them. " - John C. Maxwell - The 21 Convincing Laws of Leadership


Here's a clean tip - hire the person, not the resume.

Confronting denial behaviors is an crucial skill for leaders to develop. But there's a step away from that for house a high act team. You hire the right person.

The area under discussion of hiring the right anyone comes up commonly in my work with a range of clients. It comes up when they need to fill a position. It comes up when they accomplish they have the wrong anyone in a position. Every now and then it comes up as a distrust in a exercise session. Every so often it comes up in a clandestine conversation. But it approximately continually comes up.

The most collective confuse that I see colonize make - one that I have made for my part - is grade the person's expert skills ahead of their "soft" skills. I agree that expert skills are important. I don't want to hire a CPA who knows nonentity about accounting, and I don't want to hire a nurse who knows nonentity about nursing. So, I am not symptomatic of that you disregard a person's resume. I am symptomatic of that their be subjected to and instruction (i. e. - their resume) serves primarily to lessen them for your time investment to interview them. It gets them in the door, but it shouldn't give them the job.

Consider this situation.

You hire a character with outstanding mechanical skills. They know all about the industry, the legal environment, and many other industrial aspects of their attitude - but the rest of your staff cannot stand to work with them. This "technical expert" difficulty distinctive attention, resists every change, speaks harmfully about management and other team members, pushes the limit on agency rules, etc.

Are they worth the trouble? Does the activist giving from their "technical expert" condition align the break they do to by and large team performance? In most of the situations I've been complicated in, the counter is no.

In the above scenario, I produced a condition where the anyone under concern is truly a "technical expert". Among the best, technically, in their field. But, what about the more conventional situation? The condition where the being is good technically, but they're not of necessity among the best in the industry. Now, how does their deeds with other ancestors compare alongside their mechanical skills? It only gets worse.

I affect that you will only care about hiring ancestors with at least the basic expert skills to do the job. So, faced with a amount amid two candidates:

1) Great "attitude" and conventional expert skills (for this article, my clearness of line includes work ethic, drive, initiative, capability to work with others, and other "soft" or challenging to calculate skills), and

2) Outstanding mechanical skills and a poor attitude

I decide on digit one. I find it easier to help colonize strengthen their mechanical skills than to better their attitude.

What if you have effort conclusion a character with the right attitude? I advise you keep looking until you find them. It is advance to work short-handed for a short time than to work with a conundrum worker for a long time. As Jim Collins states in his breakthrough study Good To Great - "When in doubt, don't hire - keep looking. "

Copyright 2005, Guy Harris

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About the Author:

Guy Harris is the Chief Bond Administrator with Code Ambitious Consulting. He helps entrepreneurs, commerce managers, and other executive leaders build trust, cut conflict, and convalesce team performance. Learn more at http://www. principledriven. com

Guy co-authored "The Activities Bucks Approach TM" to help parents cut stress and conflict with their children. Learn more about this book at http://www. behaviorbucks. com


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