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The characteristic accost executive teams use to cascade, or roll out, their strategic administration is to churn out a clear set of goals, objectives, crucial accomplishment factors or a scorecard and then get each departmental or functional boss to take this on board and make specially it for their part of the organisation. The bother then begins?


The first phase of most organisational preparation processes is that the organisation's executives blueprint and definite a strategic aim using a framework of some kind. Normally this framework will be a touch like a anthology of key consequence areas or dangerous accomplishment factors or balanced scorecard (1) perspectives or triple (or quadruple) floor line, and so on. Strategic goals or objectives will be residential in each part of this strategic framework, along with a set of key act indicators (fondly nicknamed KPIs by the adulthood of the English discourse big business world).

For example, a Key Conclusion Area of "Customer Focus" has a strategic goal of "raise consumer sponsorship to 25%", which is careful by % Consumer Referrals. An added goal for this Key Consequence Area is "increase patron satisfaction to 95%", considered by % Customers Satisfied. For a Key Answer Area of "Sustainable Profitability", a strategic goal of "increase profit by 100%" is deliberate by EBIT (Earnings Ahead of Activity & Tax). A different goal for this Key Conclusion Area is "reduce costs by 20%" is calculated by Total Expenditure.

The next phase is often to commune the policy to the rest of the organisation, with a view to heartening the next layer of management to decode it into a tactical or operational level strategy. And here's what happens next: functional managers (of affair units or departments or doesn't matter what you call the parts that your organisation is not speaking and ordered into) coin their own set of goals, aimed at contributing to the achievement of the organisation's strategic goals.

For example, the Corporate Armed forces Department, the part that manages the inner assist processes like purchasing and payroll and in rank services, translates the Key Conclusion Area of "Customer Focus" into a goal to "increase inner client satisfaction with our services", calculated by % In-house Customers Satisfied. And for the Key Consequence Area of "Sustainable Profitability", they set a goal to "reduce consumables costs by 20%", deliberate of avenue by Consumables Expenditure.

In other words, the Corporate Air force Area takes a look at the corporate line of attack and translates it as best it can into its own operational strategy. They see the goal of buyer sponsorship and decides it's not exceedingly a goal that's important to them, as their customers can only ever be the domestic customers of the organisation. They bear in mind momentarily promotion their air force to other organisations, but disbelieve it as it would augment costs too much, preventing them from achieving the organisation's expenditure cutback goal. Next, they see the client satisfaction goal and know arranged away how crucial that is to them. So they confirm a goal about home client satisfaction. And then they see the profitability goal, and achieve the next best thing for them is financial plan performance, that's what they'll put in as their profitability equivalent. But the next corporate goal of dipping costs is definitely a touch that relates to them, at least in part. They can't actually condense their labour costs, as the rest of the organisation before now puts more call on them than they can actually meet, so they ascertain an operational goal of falling their consumables expenditure.

And it can be even more specific. A corporate aim for downsizing (head count reduction, right sizing, doesn't matter what you call it - in receipt of rid of people, basically) is 10%. So every area is anticipated to cut its size by 10%, irrespective of whether the branch has the scope to economize by 30%, or whether it is previously struggling with the insufficient amount of ancestors it has now. Or a corporate security goal is to cut the lost time injury frequency rate or LTIFR (2) to 8. So every branch is likely to accomplish an LTIFR of 8, irrespective of whether their early point is 9 or 42. Cascading targets like this, needless to say, causes all kinds of chaos and sub-optimisation and pessimism and cadaverous funds and missed opportunities? and more often than not, the corporate aim never being achieved.

Have you seen this arrangement of idea play out before? Is this the approximate you take to cascading line of attack in your organisation? If so, you may very well be experiencing some of the collective obstacles that come with cascading policy this way.


Have you qualified any of these implementation evils in the act of cascading your organisational strategy?

problem #1: some of the strategic goals seem extraneous to your department

One of the archetypal implementation troubles is the discovery that there is a goal (or two, or more) in the corporate scorecard that your area can't logically adopt or even adapt. For many departments that don't have outside customers, for example, they evidently have no use of a goal about consumer devotion or consumer referrals. Nor do they have any use of a goal about profitability. For departments that are by now struggling to cope with the capital they have, cost callous even added just since it's a strategic goal actually puts the bulldoze on.

problem #2: some of the strategic goals seem too high level for your department

Another classic conundrum is that when a team sits down to acquire their own operational strategy, they have a especially hard time annoying to bond with the corporate goals. They struggle to attach the long range, all-encompassing corporate goal to what they can do and affect in the shorter term. Like a corporate goal of enhanced corporate image, how do they set themselves a goal that relates to this? Or a corporate goal of patron value, how distinctively ought to they decode this into a little more certain for them?

problem #3: some of the strategic goals overlook what is actually chief to your department

It's a different of those most customary experiences with cascading policy - the plan doesn't cover some of those belongings that you know still actually be important for your department. Like gear reliability for the maintenance department, or worker return for the human assets department, or member of staff competence for the organisational advance department, or supplier relationships for the purchasing department. Where do they make space for these in their operational strategy? Leave them out, or tack them on the end somehow?

problem #4: achieving the corporate targets would sabotage other areas of performance

When a corporate aim is set and cascaded to every administrative area on an 'equitable' basis (that is, every one achieves the same numeric level of performance), many departments are faced with a alteration so large that their allocated assets are entirely insufficient to attain it, or they are faced with a creation a alter that will at once avert them from achieving or even maintaining an added accomplishment result. They are protected into producing a conclusion that is eventually harmful to the organisation.


Each of the average implementation tribulations with cascading organisational plan in the communal way is spawned from the same underlying (and very shaky) belief - that for the whole organisation to accomplish its strategic goals or targets, each part of the organisation needs to attain comparable goals or targets. More or less like the notion that to make a big elephant, you need to join lots of small elephants together.

Of course of action that's a bizarre notion. But for some reason, we've been applying it to the fashion by which an organisation achieves its strategic direction. To make an organisation, you don't need to join lots of less important organisations together. You need to bring groups of citizens together, that can each achieve altered and flattering functions that make the whole organisation accomplished of the stage end to end processes like budding crop and armed forces that the marketplace require, and marketing foodstuffs and military to engender consumer interest, and delivering food and air force to comply with the expectations of customers.

It's the processes of the organisation that make it live, just like our processes of breathing and feeding and under your own steam make us live. If an organisation (or person) is going to alter or improve, then it can only complete this by varying or humanizing its processes. An contestant is no more going to do a goal of racing more rapidly by creation every cell in his body race faster, than an organisation is going to complete cost cut all the way through all departments falling costs. The contestant needs many of his cells to in reality slow right down in order for him to race fast, such as brain cells so they don't distract him from his focus, or his stomach cells so they don't waste energy on incorporation or anxiety.

The organisation faces a risk of in point of fact ever-increasing costs if some of its parts, such as purchasing or maintenance, cut costs. Some parts may essentially need to augment costs in order for the whole organisation to cut down costs, such as the commerce development area so it can find the most sustainable ways to confiscate change and waste from the organisations processes. Are you behind you for me to deliver that current clich of "the whole is more than the sum of its parts"? Well, there you have it.


So in its place of cascading line of attack by chiefly being paid every area to adopt or adapt a duplicate of the corporate strategy, we need a beat way. Ideally, this means shifting some mental models (beliefs, concepts, assumptions) about how organisations work and how policy is urbanized and cascaded. Not a quick or easy way. But a clear-cut way to get ongoing on humanizing how policy is cascaded is to adjust the questions we ask to engage our departments with the corporate strategy.

Typically we ask questions like "what must our department's buyer focus goal be?" or "what be supposed to our department's cost cut goal be?". In its place we need to ask questions like "in what ways does our area brunt on corporate buyer focus?" and "in what ways does our area bearing on organisational costs?". The answers are often entirely different.

Instead of choosing a departmental goal of home buyer satisfaction for the reason that the corporate goal is about patron satisfaction, your administrative area could end up with goals about assistance approach cycle time, or consequence reliability or billing correctness or dependable pricing or fast responses to buyer enquiries or given that industrial solutions in layman's terms for the sales team to act in response to consumer complaints. Everything to do with the course your administrative area manages or works in, and how accomplished this deal with at present is. It's about agreement the exclusive bang your area or administer has in humanizing the organisation's capability to complete its strategic direction.

There are more conventional preparation approaches that cataract approach this way, via organisational processes and their blow on corporate strategy, fairly than via organisational departments and their adoption or adaptation of a description of the corporate strategy. But first you can get much beat cascading of line of attack by altering the questions that get associates to explore what that line of attack means to their areas and processes. It will egg on them to think about their exclusive donation to how the organisation works, their distinctive input to the organisation's processes, and thus the outcome that affair most.

(1) I don't of necessity refer to the earliest Balanced Scorecard by Kaplan and Norton, as many organisations have adopted this expression to mean their strategic framework, and they have preferred or adapted Kaplan and Norton's creative four perspectives of Financial, Customer, Domestic Commerce Process, and Erudition and Growth.

(2) If you haven't come crosswise this measure, the lost time injury frequency rate or LTIFR, you can find it all over the place on the internet. It's a banner security amount adopted by many organisations.

Stacey Barr is a specialist in big business carrying out measurement, portion colonize get the data and in sequence that tells them how their big business is performing, and how to make it act upon better. Sign up for Stacey's free Handy Hints at http://www. staceybarr. com

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